Depth before breadth 

We have an exciting and challenging curriculum designed to ensure that we fully develop the talents of every student. We believe strongly that for students to succeed they must be at level or above in both literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths).  Our curriculum is designed to devote considerably more time to these areas and ensure that students who join Ark Globe Academy make rapid progress.

We  commit extra time to English and mathematics in every age group to ensure that students quickly acquire the fluency to tackle the full curriculum with confidence. We also emphasise the wider skills of citizenship and personal, social and health education along with the main national curriculum areas. 


Developing learning power B.R.I.C.K. by brick

'B.R.I.C.K helps our young people to understand what it means to be a great learner'.

Basics are mastered (literacy and numeracy)

Reflective and resilient students

Independent learners 

Curious and eager to learn

Knowledgeable in a broad range of subjects 


Helping all our students fulfil their potential

At ARK Globe Academy:

  • We support our students in mastering the basics (literacy and numeracy) by making sure that these are taught in every lesson and, where necessary, in small groups
  • We work with our students to develop their resilience and to be reflective; helping them to be great learners by knowing where they are in their learning, how to improve and keep going when it gets tough 
  • We recognise that our students need to be able to learn independently so that they can solve problems for themselves
  • We ensure that every lesson develops curiosity so that our students are motivated and eager to learn more
  • We seek to equip our students with broad and deep knowledge, while recognising that knowledge is ever changing and they need the skills to respond to this


Our Specialisms

Globe Academy has specialist status in mathematics and the performing arts with an emphasis on music. We aim to maximise the potential of both these important subject areas.



All ARK schools specialise in mathematics and ARK invests to attract and retain the best maths teachers. We support and coach pupils so that all can become confident mathematicians, at ease with both its theoretical and practical applications.


Performing Arts

In 2010 Globe Academy was awarded the prestigious ARTSMARK GOLD. This is the highest ranking award from the Arts Council of England in recognition of Globe’s contribution to, and quality of delivery in, the Arts.

We want our students to have every opportunity and encouragement to get the most out of these programmes. Our ambition is for every pupil to fully participate in our music and arts programmes.


Our programmes

We offer a wide choice of academic and vocational programmes at GCSE and BTEC, with particular emphasis on pupils attaining the English Baccalaureate* and achieving good grades across all their subjects. Extra courses, after school and on Saturdays, help boost attainment in every subject. We continue to support numeracy and literacy where needed, right through Key Stage 3. 

* The English Baccalaureate requires students to achieve A* - C grades in English, maths, two science subjects, history or geography and a modern foreign language. 


Key Stage 3: Years 7–8

In Key Stage 3 we offer a varied and broad curriculum designed to support our students’ transition from primary and being preparing them for university and to be leaders in their community.

English Baccalaureate pathway subjects:

English, mathematics, science, modern foreign languages, history, geography, music, art, design and technology, BRICK (from Year 8) and physical education.

Integrated pathway subjects:

Year 7: English, mathematics, science, iLearn* and physical education

Year 8: English, mathematics, science, history, geography, modern foreign languages, art, music, design and technology, BRICK and physical education.


*iLearn has been developed to support the transition from primary school. This is achieved through developing a strong relationship between the teacher and the students which is based on high expectations of their progress and conduct. In Year 7, more time is given to enable this relationship to develop (six hours per week for iGlobal and five hours per week for iCreate).

 iLearn is a cross-curricular programme which combines the Humanities with PSHE for iGlobal and the creative subjects (Art, Drama and DT) for iCreate. Throughout the curriculum there is a focus on students becoming independent learners as well as an emphasis on developing resilience and strong collaborative working skills.

For an overview of what is studied in each subject each year during Key Stage 3, please click on the links below. 

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Year 9 Curriculum Overview


Key Stage 4: Year 9-11

In Key Stage 4 students study a challenging and personalised curriculum, which prepares them well for A Level and helps them access top universities. Based on their progress in Key Stage 3 students are guided towards the most appropriate pathway.

Students start their GCSEs in Year 9 enabling them to spend a longer period of time studying their chosen subjects in more depth. This helps them to achieve the best grades in their examinations.

Subjects at Key Stage 4 are separated into two categories: Core and Optional.

Core subjects are compulsory and will be studied by all students. 


EBACC (KS2 L4+ in both English and maths) - 11 GCSEs  In Year 9 Religious Studies to be delivered through the pastoral programme and enrichment activities.

Integrated (KS2 L4+ in either English or maths) - 9 GCSEs


Vocational (<KS2 L4 in both English and maths) – 8 GCSEs or equivalent 

Vocational Work Related Learning pathway

Key Stage 5: Year 12-13

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