“Disadvantaged students, disabled students and those who have special educational needs make good progress because their achievement is tracked carefully and they are given support that matches their needs very well.”

Ofsted, 2014

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Ark Globe Academy recognises the individual needs of every child to ensure that each student can achieve their potential. We place great importance on ensuring that students with special educational needs are identified, properly assessed and well supported, following best practice.

SEN provision mapping provides tailored support for each student. Support may be given in class, in a small group or through withdrawal classes.

Each small school has dedicated learning advisers who work with the special educational needs co-ordinator and senior learning adviser to ensure excellent provision for children with SEN, EAL or are gifted or talented.

Please note: From September the Department for Education is making changes to the law for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. The new law will result in changes to the way you and your child receive support from your local council, health and social care services and your child’s nursery, school or college. 

Read what this means for you.

Secondary Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information Report 2015-16

Ark Globe Academy Accessibility Plan 2014-2017

DRAFT - ARK Globe Academy SEND Policy - 2016-17.pdf

DRAFT - Appendix 1 - Provision Map - 2016-17.pdf

DRAFT - School offer with Pyramid.pdf

Download our 2014 Policy for supporting pupils with medical conditions



Students for whom English is an additional language benefit from our emphasis on depth before breadth in the core curriculum, getting extra support until they reach expected standards in English. Careful assessment and a combination of small induction classes and one-to-one teaching ensure that all students have full access to the academy's learning opportunities. 

Able and Talented 

What is Able and Talented?

At Ark Globe Academy we believe in allowing our students who are Able and Talented to fulfil their full potential by acknowledging that all Able and Talented students learn in various ways. Teachers at Ark Globe Academy deliver a wide range of challenging activities in class and enrichment programmes, which allow the student to develop themselves in and out of the classroom.

If a student arrives at Ark Globe with a prior high attaining score from Primary school they will automatically be entered into the Able and Talented programme at school. Other students who are not automatically entered into the system will be identified by teachers in the school if they are exceptionally talented. Your child will then be tracked and monitored throughout the year by the Able and Talented co-ordinator to guarantee they are accessing the right curriculum for their ability. We want your child to receive advice, mentoring and guidance to allow them to access the leading universities in the country.


At Ark Globe Academy we want your child to leave with skills that will help them not only for university but also to be leaders within their community. The skills that we look for and aim to teach our students are listed below.

• Business focus – These students will have effective communication skills and will be able to lead others in an organised and efficient manner.

• Transferable skills – Students with these skills will have an ability to relate their learning to the outside world in which they live.

• Leadership – Students with leadership skills often have the resilience to persevere and continue to learn in and outside of the classroom. They also take part in many enrichment programmes and often mentor others.

What to expect this year:

Part of our Able and Talented programme is about delivering experiences that will stretch and inspire young minds. We have a wide variety of enrichment programmes to engage with education in its widest sense. We will arrange for pupils to listen to experts, visit fascinating sites and participate in master workshops. The purpose is to generate enthusiasm and provoke discussion, which can be pursued further in other parts of the gifted programme.

Workshops to look forward to this year, thanks to the INTO university programme include: Career Carousel, Pathways to Success and Leadership. This fantastic programme also allows pupils to apply for great apprenticeship programmes and in sixth form students can work alongside Bristol University to enhance their chances of studying at top universities.

This year the pupils in sixth form will be participating in a project with the Old Vic to develop presentation skills. Students will take part in workshops, talks with industry professionals and learn leadership skills to develop workshops with young people. This is all thanks to a new programme called Stage Business.

If you have any more questions about your child and the programme please get in touch via the school reception.