BBC school report

27 March 2014 was BBC News School Report day across the country.

BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. It is a collaborative project run by BBC News and BBC Learning.

Using lesson plans and materials from the BBC News School Report, and with support from BBC staff and partners, teachers help students develop their journalistic skills to become School Reporters.

The articles, interviews and recordings below have been produced by our students. All of the films were produced 'live' to give them a real-life news feel.

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An interview with our Principal, Mr Jones

Students interviewed Principal, Mr Jones. Watch the interview below:


An interview with Mr Golub, LEARNING Director, Performance

By Lauren Lopez and Unaisah Khan

1) What makes Globe important in terms of Performing Arts?

Our school is a performing arts specialist bringing great opportunities to our students, we also have concerts and huge links between Theatres and another school.


2) What’s your highlight of the year so far?

We had Lesley Sharp in to talk to some pupils about acting and her career.


3) How are students improving through dance and drama and how big of an improvement are they making?

Students are improving like crazy! They are always improving and that’s what makes this school special.


4) What type of opportunities in life do you think your students will have through performing arts?

Any opportunities they want, with our teaching and support they will go far.


5) What inspired you to become a drama teacher?

I used to be a performer and I loved acting so much I wanted to teach it.


6) What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

Helping young aspiring actors and actresses, the relationships with students, having fun and going on trips.


7) If you weren’t a drama teacher what would you be?

I would probably still be acting as drama is my second career.


8) Have you met any famous actors/actresses?

I have met many people however, Hugh Jackman was the most famous, he played Wolverine. I was his understudy.


9) Any other things you want to say?

If you want to act start now, my advice is to practice and practice. If you are very serious and passionate about this you will go far!


An interview with Mr Dougherty, Learning Director, Design & Enterprise

By Unaisah Khan and Lauren Lopez

1) How are your students improving within Design Technology?

In order to improve student progress we needed to hire two new teachers, who were excellent practitioners. As our year 11s did not have teachers who specialised in DT.

We run weekly intervention that is linked to another school. We aim to provide a supportive environment for our students to learn in.


2) What type of Art styles stand out the most at Globe?

At Globe we have a diverse variety of Artwork, the year 9 masks are truly brilliant as they are bold and creative. Guests who come to the school always comment on them.


3) What type of Art is the most popular?

Students at Globe love Pop Art and Photography.


4) How are students finding Art within GCSE?

There is a lot of work to do, but students love the content and plow through the pressure of completing work on time.


5) What changes have you implemented into the DT department since you started working at Globe?

I have put a number of DT based displays up in the Pentagon, as this was minimal. The majority of the displays just focused on Art, but I wanted everyone to know that DT branches out into other areas such as textiles and resistant materials.


6) What projects have your year 11 students been completing?

Students are designing a number of different and exciting products. Some have designed and are in the process of making Lamps that can be used at home. My favorite is a speaker lamp, which plays music and changes colour.   


7) Is there something exciting happening at Globe within the DT department?

There is always something happening within DT (he laughs) we have lots of extra curricular clubs. We sell key rings to our students in order to raise money for charity and we take part in competitions against other London schools in order to develop our understanding of design and to challenge us.


8) What inspired you to be a teacher?

I didn’t have a very good time at school and used to hate going in everyday. Because of my experiences I never want any student to go through what I went through. I want every student to have the best education possible and enjoy their time at school.


9) Are you hoping to become a famous person within the world of DT?

I would be more satisfied if my students became famous over me, as I would have trained them and helped them to develop into a talented professional.


10) Can you tell us about your day-to-day life at Globe?  

I have very busy days that are non-stop. My days begin at 7.15am. I am usually in meetings until 8.10am and then I ensure that my lessons are ready for the day. I often escort students who are struggling in their lessons to other learning environments where learning can take place. At the end of the day I am on duty until 4.00pm and will then usually go into a few more meetings. My day usually ends at about 6pm.


11) What advice would you give to students who are struggling with DT.

To keep trying and never give up. Not everyone is born with artistic abilities but everyone can train themselves to get better. 


AN Interview with Ms Maci

Kareem interviewed Ms Maci the Dance teacher at Globe Academy. Listen to the interview below:



By Michelle Chan and Davina Edwards

Welcome to our article based on which KS3 small school is better at Globe Academy: Elbrus or McKinley.

We interviewed Mr Jinman the Head of Elbrus, Ms McNiven the Head of Geography and Mr Whitehead the Music teacher about which is the best small school, “Elbrus or McKinley?”

Mr Jinman replied with, “I am very proud of both schools and I think that Globe Academy is equally good. None of them are better they are just different. Overall I know that McKinley has the better attendance, and Elbrus closely follows.”

Ms McNiven supported Elbrus for their encouragement, listening skills and teamwork.

Mr Whitehead feels that McKinley is stronger than Elbrus due to their musicality and creativity.

We know that Elbrus and McKinley have their separate strategies for success but they are able to work together successfully. Which is why it’s so difficult to pick a better small school. Both small schools are hard working and aim to meet our schools ethos.

We cannot decide which is better, can you?



OUR Deputy Head Boy on how he is becoming a leader

Watch what leadership means to Isaac below and how Globe Academy has helped him develop his skills.



OUR Year 11 Prefect on leadership

Watch how Luqman, a Year 11 Prefect believes Globe is helping him to become a leader.



The importance of work experience

 See how our Year 11 student feels work experience will help him become a leader.



See how our Year 10 student feels Globe Academy is helping her build her leadership skills.





See why our Year 8s feel Taster Days are useful.



How it feels to be taking GCSEs early.



how staff support students at Globe Academy

 From home learning to classes, how are teachers helping students.



 Listen to the interview below about Demari's charity football tournament.



 Listen to the interview below about drama and acting at Globe Academy.



 A roundup of Globe Academy's Sport Relief news.


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