Student Leadership

We are passionate about providing our students with the skills they need to become leaders in their community. Our Student Leadership programme creates a wide range of opportunities for students to take responsibility. 

Monitors and managers

Every Learning Family has five monitors and managers who take leadership of set tasks within Learning Family time. This helps with the smooth running and execution of the first 15 minutes of the school day.  

Student Ambassadors

Our Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Student Ambassadors help to ensure silence throughout corridors and that everyone walks on the left. They also help with break and lunch duty.  


Our Ark Globe Academy prefects go through a rigorous interview programme to ensure we select the most dedicated, trustworthy and professional students within the academy. After completing an application form, students attend an interview with external professionals from Ark Schools central office and local businesses and also take part in a team building day. The best are then selected to be our prefects.

Prefect responsibilities include:

  • Helping and guiding tours at open days
  • Tracking attendance
  • Lunch duty responsibilities
  • Mentoring younger students
  • Working in the library
  • Leading sports clubs

Music prefects

This position gives our talented musicians responsibility within the music department. Music prefects will monitor the department one lunchtime per week, help out with all performance events in school and be our first call to represent the academy in external events.

Sports captains

Each small school in Years 7-9 has two sports captains per year group (one boy and one girl). The sports captains’ job is to select the teams for the competitions and to organise them on the day. They are in charge of the team sheets, team tactics and if they are not playing themselves, will be at all competitions cheering their team on. In the summer, the sports captains also help to organise and run the School Sports Day. They can all be identified by a sports captain badge.  

Head Boy and Head Girl

These are positions of true responsibility. They are the key student role models within the academy and our formal recruitment process ensures that they have the leadership qualities necessary for these positions. Students wishing to apply are asked to write a letter of application, followed by a presentation to a year group. The presentation is a chance for the students to speak in front of their peers, highlighting why they should be selected and why they would make a good Head Boy/Girl. The students then take part in a panel interview before the final selection is made.

Head Boy and Head Girl responsibilities include:

  • Leading by example
  • Welcoming guests to the academy
  • Mentoring younger students
  • Conducting presentations in front of guests and students
  • Managing the prefects

Adeseye, Head Boy 2013-2014 said: “I feel leading the school positively is a respectful way to repay my teachers, my peers and my principal. I feel Globe Academy has given so much to me as well as helping me to always do my best. I would like to be seen as an inspiration by younger students.”

Zareen, Head Girl 2013-2014 said: “My main aim as Head Girl is to bring a stronger, more cohesive student voice throughout the whole Academy. I want to make a substantial, positive difference in Globe Academy and be a member of the community that students, teachers, my family and arguably most importantly myself would be proud of.”

Our Student Councils

Ark Globe Academy Executive Council

Our Executive Council consists of our Head Boy and Head Girl, their four deputies, members of the Sixth Form, Ms Donachy and Ms Maci. This Council discusses how secondary and Sixth Form can work together to develop student leadership within the academy.  

Student council

Two students from each Learning Family in Years 7-10 represent their Learning Family and attend meetings every two weeks, where they discuss key themes which affect their school. They also conduct surveys and lead assemblies in order to provide students with key information and find out student opinions. The most recent survey is based on our lunch time structure.

Academy Council

One student council representative from each year group meets with our Principal, Mr Jones, four times per year in order to discuss issues which have been addressed within fortnightly student council meetings. These meetings help students to start implementing change and make a real difference to their school community.