School day

08:30–08:45 Learning family time
08:45–09:45 Period 1
09:45–10:45 Period 2
10:45–11:00 Break
11:00–12:00 Period 3
12:00–13:00 Period 4
13:00–13:40 Lunch
13:40–14:35 Period 5
14:35–15:30 Period 6
15:30–17:00 Extended day activities

Our timetabled day formally begins at 8.30am and ends at 3.30pm.  This gives students more time in lessons than most other schools.  More learning time means students’ chances of success and progress increase.  As well as the formal day we offer additional learning opportunities for students in all small schools.  Our expectation is that all students within the middle school participate in two extended schools evenings (3.30pm-4.30pm) per week and all students in the upper school are expected to be on site and actively engaged in either extended day clubs, intervention classes until 6pm Monday -Thursday.