Choosing your Options

At Ark Globe Academy we recognise the importance of students making the right decisions when choosing their Key Stage 4 subjects. This is a significant phase in their education and crucial in planning ahead for university and future careers; therefore it is critical that we give our students clear and informed guidance about the choices available and how these can be matched to their individual needs and interests. The qualifications gained at the end of Key Stage 4 are essential for every student and they play a significant part in ensuring that they are well prepared for a successful future.

In order to help advise our students to make the right choices we are holding a number of  information events. These include Options Evenings (which must be attended by the students and parents/carers) and assemblies. The assemblies are for students only and will give the students the opportunity to learn about each individual subject in more detail. We also encourage our students to talk to teachers, parents/carers and older siblings about the subjects they are thinking about choosing and their ideas for the future. 
Options Booklets

Options Booklets will be available soon.