Ark Globe Academy Sixth Form has the highest ambitions for all our students. Not just for their results, or the university they will attend, but the impact they will have and legacy they will leave.

We offer outstanding teaching and learning, an innovative enrichment curriculum including established links with Russell Group universities, and personalised support and guidance that fully prepares our students for the best universities.

We are focused on developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ in all our students; the notion that ability is not fixed and that through hard work, learning from our mistakes and remaining optimistic we will all achieve personal and collective success. This Mindset and the professionalism we nurture prepare students for the challenges they face in both their Sixth Form study and their futures beyond our school gates. We expect our students to make a difference to their community and lead the way to a fairer society.

I believe that Ark Globe Academy is the very best place for students to prepare for university and to be leaders in their community.

Matt Jones