Hear from our teachers

Ms Thompson, Associate Principal at Ark Globe Academy joined the school in September 2013 as Vice Principal, with a focus on behaviour and learning.  

Ark Globe is rapidly improving. Within two years, it’s gone from being ranked 27th out of a list of 50 similar schools to eighth. The school environment is caring and there is a culture of high aspirations for pupils.  

Like any transition school with a great principal, we have a critical mass of staff who are dedicated to the school and their students, and who work very hard. We’ve had great progress in our school – there’s so much that’s positive about Ark Globe.

Teachers use the Mastery model in the classroom, which focuses on challenging activities, high quality work and precise assessment. There are high expectations placed on pupils.  

“The best way to describe is by thinking ‘What does an A* look like?’ and supporting our student to get there. We try to ensure that everything we do in the classroom works towards supporting our students to produce those quality responses. We plan backwards with knowledge and content. 

Staff wellbeing is high up on the agenda and there is an outstanding system in place for mentoring and training. Teachers receive a bottle of water every day and breakfast twice a week. There is a mindfulness group that meets regularly and teachers have been asked for their views on their workload. The survey’s results were used to inform their planning. “After staff feedback, we protected Monday afternoons for their planning. We also tried to listen to staff about when they could work most effectively. 

We recognised that people’s needs were different, and that staff needed time in their teams to plan great lessons. We trust people, so we give them the time to lead and produce excellent lessons.” 

Ark Globe offers its teachers tailored training and mentoring. Every member of staff receives weekly coaching, where they are observed and given feedback on their performance. Roleplay is used to improve teaching techniques, and there’s support for all teachers that are new in the classroom. “If you’re a trainee or a Newly Qualified Teacher, you’ll have CPD that’s designed specifically for you in our breakfast club - CPD with a fry up!” Teachers that are no longer NQTs are placed on a ‘Good to Great’ or an ‘Aspiring Leader’ programme. 

“It’s about making sure that best practice is extended across the whole school. In most schools, there is great practice but it can sometimes be in pockets. We want to make sure that everyone at Ark Globe shares this great practice.” 

Being part of the wider Ark network means there are opportunities to come together with other schools at conferences, and to co-plan and share resources across subjects. 

“Ark is great at thinking strategically around the needs of staff at different levels and responding to that. The school is currently sponsoring me through the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), preparing me to apply for substantive headships. 

Most teachers at Ark Globe get as much CPD in one year as they do in ten years elsewhere.”

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